Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We Are All Racists

The other system. Being that we live in a capitalistic society, we are all capitalists and being that said country was founded on racism, we too, are all racists. Too many people still fear being called a racist and argue against being called one, but the reality of it all is: racist have and will always fare very well in The United States of America. I am reading the book, "The Warmth of Other Sons," by Isabel Wilkerson. It traces the migration of African-Americans from the South to the North, predominantly, and to the West. It reminds me of the power of racism.

Historically, divide and conquer was used with people of color: Asians versus Latinos, Latinos vs African-Americans and so on; but in the book, it mentioned the immigrants from Europe. These immigrants were not always welcomed in the U.S.--yes, the American Caucasians were racist against, them, too. Therefore, immigrants were in the racist system and the longer they remained in the system, the more respect they earned. I am never surprised by racism. I am shocked by the people who are not racist. It is hard to be in a system and recognize how it works but there are exceptional people who defy their environment and make changes in this world. I hope that we all are or  become the exception, rather than the rule.  

My hope for Obama was to be such a person because African-Americans only truly became citizens of the United States of America with the passing of the 15th Amendment in 1965 and yet he was voted by Americans to run the country. After the struggles of all American people, things remain the same: we are giving more freedoms to corporations--with all of their money, they are the real runners of the government-- women are still payed less of the weak dollar than men, and we are at war.

No one reads--except for you all, so... thanks. I have thought about giving up this blog and posting a blog with the herd (sheep) culture in mind where I have all of these cool clothes (aiding consumerism) and I take these pictures that highlight my figure and appeal to men (degrading myself and treating myself as a sex object) and then I get on Facebook, Twitter and every other social network to promote myself--shamelessly. That was a bad joke.

In my next life--and blog--I will be all boobs and butt, but until then, as always, I will be the black sheep.

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