Saturday, February 19, 2011

Update: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

There will be a television show that documents military members surprising family members by returning from deployment and having it captured on camera. Deployments are usually long and information is given on a needs-to-know basis, therefore, it is very surprising when a military member returns without any formal notice. On the preview for the show, there was a man who looked very young. He was in uniform and he entered what appeared to be a high school classroom. The teenager that he was surprising did not look that far in age from the father, brother, or friend who was surprising him. I was proud to hear my friend ask, "Is that his boyfriend?" Through tears from my laughter, I explained that it was probably either a friend or a relative--perhaps a male who had become a father as a teen. Then, she said, "because they ended 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', so it's legal now, right?" I do believe it is legal now. Progress is slowly making its way into the mainstream and I hope that it continues with civil unions and other rights that are being denied to homosexuals. I feel strongly about homosexuals--despite my so-called "orientation" as a heterosexual--because there are studies that suggest that homosexuality is linked to a gene. Supposedly, on the right hand of homosexual males, their ring finger is longer than the middle finger. Also, it is suggested that the male homosexual has additional estrogen from his mother. I find it very interesting that science can be used for an explanation. I would not stigmatize homosexuals for any reason. They do not need justification, either, but I am proud that our service members can choose to speak of their significant other as they please--gender aside.

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