Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Someone: It's Valentine's Day

I have dedicated myself to this blog. I must admit that this is far from my usual political rants, but it has a very important message: we are not taught the most important lessons in life in a traditional classroom; we must learn through trial and error. I had grown up as an awkward looking child. I mastered becoming as superficial as possible, I became an advertiser's dream. I would go through magazines, watch the television shows about how to dress as fashionable as possible and I would make sure that my hair and makeup mirrored the it girls of the moment. It is unfortunate because the more superficial I became, the more isolated I became. I used superficiality as a means of making friends, but the superficial do not make friends, they will only attract fake friends. I am still trying to find love and that is something that I planned on having in life but I was too focused on looks and not on building my personality. I have a large amount of inner beauty but it is unfortunate that I am still overly concerned with aesthetic beauty. I find it to be very immature and I hope that it is something that I will work equally at hard at changing. Enjoy love everyday.

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