Saturday, February 26, 2011

Living the tax-free American dream!

That sounds impossible, because everyone knows how persistent the IRS can be, but there is a glitch in the system and some people-- living in the states with the highest tax rates-- are living the tax-free dream! Please, change this, Obama. Enter permanent residency. Permanent residency is used by a lot of people from other countries in order to act and operate as Americans without the tax burden. Some of these permanent residents have lived in the U.S. for decades but they are exempt from paying taxes because? Well, I cannot fathom a plausible reason that anyone is allowed to live tax free but receive the same benefits as American tax payers. With the national debt at its highest level in history, shouldn't there be an end to permanent residency? Shouldn't they have to file back taxes? I am sure that some would be willing to return to their native countries before they were hounded by the IRS as some Americans would be. I hope to not sound conservative. I consider myself logical. I try to consider the validity to each side of an argument but this bothers me. I disagree with taxation without representation. I do not understand all of the taxes that I pay. I do not understand billions in foreign aid to rich countries. As a law abiding American citizen, I know that I must blindly follow the rules. I have to pay taxes. I do not have the money to plead my case in front of a court. Therefore, permanent residents should pay up, too. The military is well taken care of. The largest amount of money is issued to the military and then. . .? Blank. I need to find out but until then, I think that their money should go to rebuilding the education system, paying off the national debt, research and other areas that will benefit Americans and humanity. There is a book by Daniel Pink called "A Whole New Mind". The book focuses on the shift from MBAs to MFAs---from a Master's in Business, to a Master's in Fine Arts. I believe in the arts but they are often neglected. Joseph Campbell's, "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" is a favorite of mine because it draws on classical themes. This goes back to history and the collapse of the Roman Empire: save the Middle Class. We need to focus on helping the poor and saving the Middle Class. The rich will usually be able to buy themselves out of any issue and buy people that make decisions in their favor, but no matter how many protestations there are against the rich, there are not enough solutions for uplifting the impoverished and establishing security in the position of Middle Class. I think that it is time for the permanent residency status to end and for such individuals to file back taxes. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestion or arguments related to this issue.

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