Friday, February 25, 2011

Job creation

The unemployment papers: this blog continues. . . I was thinking about how Obama can create jobs. I thought that since we have public libraries, we can also have public gyms. Maybe I suffer from delusions of grandeur, but I find this a great idea. There is an obesity epidemic in the U.S. and this could help target it. Some people cannot afford gyms. Every military base that I have ever been on has a gym--some have several gyms and they are free. Obama will often frequent the gym on the Marine Corps base during his vacations in Hawaii and I think it would be great if every American had access to a free gym. I can anticipate those saying this is Socialism but it is far from it. There are dietary guidelines set forth by the government. They stipulate the amount of meat, grain, etc that people should eat and the government also says we need so many minutes of physical activity a day. The people in the green food movement say that this mandates how we should eat; that argument is logical, in my opinion. A gym would create construction jobs, personal trainers and so forth. It is healthy and the only caveat is that some may become injured due to the equipment, overexertion or another cause. I would propose this to Obama, Congress, and whoever else who supposedly listens. I think that they listen a lot closer during elections. I have written to all of them because without a job, there is not much else to do and the only response that I received did not answer my question. I was upset. I had believed in the democratic system. I eschew politics, religion and other issues in order to make and maintain friends. I know that sounds apathetic but it is not because I chose to instead write directly to those members of Congress and the President, who could make amendments but ignored me. I hope to one day have public gyms become as prevalent as the public libraries. I think that there also has to be some way to compensate the stay-at-home parent. Parents have a very hard job: raising children. I had seen a calculation done of how much a stay-at-home parent would receive annually if he were compensated for his hours at work and it was a substantial amount of money. Granted, it is not a traditional job, or something that is revered but a stay-at-home parent is an asset. I was a latch key kid. My parent was unable to spend time with me because he was a widower with a full-time job in the military. I used to admire those kids that were able to have their parent on the field trip or other events where the parent could attend. I think it is great if a child is able to have the support and time with the parent. If anyone would like to elaborate, please leave a comment. Sorry for always having such anecdotal/stream of consciousness posts. I hope they will become better organized and more logical in the future.  

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