Friday, October 28, 2011

A billionaire agrees

I was watching the news today and Barbara Walters was giving a glimpse into a 20/20 that will air tonight showcasing self-made billionaires. She mentioned that one of the billionaires recommended against going to college and I must concur. Student loan debt is now worse than credit card debt in the United States.

What helped them to become billionaires was thinking outside of the box. That is a rare quality and one that certain schools foster with liberal arts and other programs that aid independent thinking and downplay standardized testing. A lot of students are bored in primary, secondary and higher learning institutions and they detest homework. Learning can take place anywhere but the anti-education attitude in the free schooling years is unfortunate.

I then thought back to the show, The View, and how Elizabeth and Sherri mentioned the amount of homework that their children are given at school. I have an issue with this because I have noticed that most parents will complain how long it takes their children to complete homework but they are indifferent to the amount of time their child spends playing.

In my opinion, with the most brain cells available from infancy to around age 12, the most learning should take place in that time period. I guess I am too pragmatic at times but when I can afford a child or children, I will guarantee that they have the least restrictive learning environment--a very important aspect in special education programs.

This is possibly why China has started to regulate television programs so that their is not an entertainment overload. Too many people do not have a problem with their technology and entertainment addictions. We are constantly wired. I grew up in a time when I would have to wait for the radio to play my favorite song. Now, I can go to Youtube and play any song that I would like to, at any time of the day. I used to have to get to know someone but now they volunteer information on Facebook and other social networking websites. I am old-fashioned and nostalgic at times.

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