Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Violence is the trend of 2011

While watching "The View," it seems that the hosts' viewpoints are all overwhelmingly in favor of Wendi deng, the wife of Rupert Murdoch, physically assualting the man who threw a shave cream pie in Murdoch's face. This is the second talk show where this viewpoint has been shared-the first being "Chelsea Lately," which I embarrassingly watch. Violence, with women as the perpertrators, seems to be more commonplace in society and it is damaging to men and women alike.

Miranda Lambert's biography on "Behind the Music" also advocated violence. Violence should not be tolerated. It is domestic violence and there is a woman who hits a man should expect that he act defensively. If a man is hit by a woman, he has the right to use a self-defense mechanism, which may result in full fledged violence.

Television shows--especially reality shows--display grown women fighting. Fighting and other forms of violence are criminal acts. Once a person reaches 18 years of age, they can have such acts accumulate on their criminal record. It concerns me that children and other influencable minds are watching these shows, but more importantly, that these viewpoints are propogated on a show: "The View," that I would expect to have atleast one female with an antithetical approach that demostrates integrity and values.

There is, sadly, an explosion of violence on television. Basketball Wives, Teen Mom, Mob Wives and other vascuous forms of entertainment encourage violence in order to increase ratings. It should not be embellished by anyone. Violence is not exclusive to a particular gender. There are consequences that some children and others could be oblivious to due to the prevalence of such violence on tv and being popularized by the corporate media and youtube.

Take care of one another. We are not all meant to get along, but to resort to violence is animalistic.

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