Friday, July 15, 2011

Any New Ideas?

I am jaded lately. I often wonder about how the car has not advanced beyond design and other very few other features, but the cell phone has evolved into several machines in one. I need a new idea. I used to believe that I was creative. I used to write a lot of pieces: poetry, plays, stories, journals and anything else that one could read, but we have entered an age where reading is passe-- yes, I still hate cliches despite my frequent usage of them. I am concerned about an upcoming MRI. I will not disclose too much medical information but MRIs are the machine used to check for brain tumors. I then realized that I have been around cell phones before they became a necessity. I lived in a country that people mistakenly deem "third world". This "third world" country had an article about cell phones being a necessity in 1996. I used to keep the cell phone with me at all times. My friends and I all had cell phones--when they could only place calls and leave messages. One day, a friend of my mother's warned us to put a case on the cell phone. He took a coin from his pocket and demonstrated the magnetic pull of the cell phone to the metal. It was something that I remember vividly because I was amazed how hard it was to separate the coin from the cell phone and I had never considered a cell phone as having that amount of radioactivity. When it was announced that cell phones may heighten the risk of brain tumors, that memory entered my head immediately. I was notified that a friend's child was undergoing surgeries for a brain tumor and it made me wonder about risks to an unborn fetus. I place my phone near my stomach a lot. I rest my phone on top of my stomach and it is close to my stomach when I have it in my hand. Children now use cell phones. It worries me. I have had and been around cell phones since 1996 and the only protection that I know of is to use protective cases and other such accessories to create a barrier between the radio waves and the brain.

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