Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Presidential Letters to Family Members of Military Suicides

I had a friend, who is in the Marine Corps, mention that he has been having a lot of classes dealing with suicide. I had even noticed that there were free classes being offered by the state with a limited number of slots available for suicide prevention and call centers. It is an unfortunate theme. I watch Democracy Now in order to receive unbiased news with more in-dept coverage of issues that is often ignored or reported briefly by the corporate media stations. The journalists reported that there were more suicides than combat related deaths and that President Obama will send Presidential letters exclusively to the families of those who were in a war zone when taking their lives. This will exclude any suicides that have occurred previously and those who have done it upon returning to their home or base. It is more compassionate, in my opinion, to send letters to all military members who have committed suicide. They, sadly, gave their lives for their country, too, albeit in a different manner. Mental Health is easily neglected by the military. I feel that I am not at liberty to discuss my mental health with anyone--even those that could potentially help me because stoicism is valued by military and society. I have always believed that I will be unemployable if I ever discuss my issues with anyone. I cannot imagine the psyche of those serving in the military. I used to have a friend that would tell me that he was crazy and I could not pretend to know what he had been through, but I could listen. I was sure that he had seen a lot of crazy things, having deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, but I could offer empathy. I could offer myself as someone who is trustworthy. I wish that everyone could find that in someone. I wish that the President and others would write letters to give their condolences for such veterans. The military members follow orders and these suicides demonstrate those who were also casualties of wars.

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