Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Food"stamps: The New Currency

While watching CNN highlight Greek's economic descent, I took a break to visit a blog that I frequent and I was appalled by what has discovered: foodstamp flossin'. The images of the former middle class in Greece were shown with them at an outdoor soup kitchen--some of them with too much pride and so ashamed to receive aid that they confronted the camera crew or hid their face, while in the U.S., these welfare recipients are proudly displaying their cards which grant them access to much more than food stamps--as designated for proper use.

It was reported that ebt cards have been used everywhere from strip clubs to liquor stores. This goes beyond fraud and abuse and needs to be addressed and reformed. I want Americans to eat. We are great eaters--as our obesity rate clearly demonstrates--and the U.S. stipulates a diet that is recommended to the nation, therefore, I believe it would be economical to return to the time of government issued rations.

Government issued food items would ensure that foodstamp recipients are eating the government's recommendations and verifying identification. There could be job opportunities in having buyers--the extreme coupon people on TLC would be excellent for such positions and it could be used as a tax incentive for those who would like to donate government approved food items. The current system appears to be rewarding those who are supposedly needy and it is unfair to those who are truly in need and have been denied access to such programs.

Those who pose with an ebt card should be investigated for fraud. Since they are unabashedly displaying their ebt card and their name is traceable on Facebook, the government can create jobs to catch these thieves, too. I do not believe there is any shame in receiving aid when one is in dire need, but I do believe that foodstamp flossers are not milking but ostentatiously abusing the system and laughing all the way to the strip club, liquor stores, or any other business that--in my opinion should be fined-- for accepting foodstamps--when food is in no way involved.


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