Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another reason why education is a lie: Snooki made 2,000 US Dollars more than Toni Morrison

I watch the Jersey Shore. I take it for what it is and for what most shows are on the MTV network are about: people heavily intoxicated while they party non-stop and engage in risky sexual behaviors. I think it is dangerous for children to watch such shows because some may, for whatever reasons, make role models out of these reality stars and emulate their behavior. Snooki being paid more than Toni Morrison makes me believe that I, too, should have had a child as a teen, sacrificed my liver and my morals in order to get notoriety on a cable television show.

Teen Moms on television are paid higher salaries than some college graduates, blue collar workers and others who contribute to their communities and humanity. The cast of "The Jersey Shore" gets paid to get drunk and stay in a vacation home. They get paid! That is insane to me. "The Real World" cast receives free rent and the opportunity to live the Spring Break lifestyle for a few months. Free rent when some people are in foreclosure!  

I am not going to underestimate the power of entertainment. Entertainment has allowed some barriers to be broken. During slavery and its aftermath, African-Americans were entertainment figures in music, sports, movies and other areas that earned them money and fame. In the novel, "Unbroken," Luis Zamperini was recognized in Japan during World War II because he had been in the Berlin Olympics in the 1930s. That was long before the information age, when news traveled very slowly, but due to his record-breaking runs and picture being publicized, he was known.

Fame is at an outrageous level in this age. The so-called star-worshipers have driven the salaries of vacuous entertainment to absurd levels and that is why it is better to be a Snooki or a Rebecca Black than to have a college degree.

It is, after all, about "who you know" and "who knows you".     

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