Monday, June 25, 2012

Sell Yourself

There is an app for everything, right? The most useful app that I have downloaded is called Poshmark. What I find remarkable about this app is that it allows anyone with clothing to become their own business. I know that sounds unbelievable--especially considering how the economy has been for the past several years-- but this combination binds the love of the iphone/ipad and clothing to create an online market that can compete with retail corporations. That, in my humble opinion, is ingenuity. I am not the poshmark spokesperson and I try to only endorse free things: books from the library, thoughts and so on, but I had to reveal this to others because it can help those who are unable to secure employment. Anyone interested can check it out at One must join in order to see the clothing--unless you have the url or a seller, which is usually <--- user's name. Poshmark will also ship to po boxes and this is a true asset to expats and other foreigners overseas.

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